UAV Yard Management

Drone-based Vehicle-Management Solution

Each vehicle is fitted with a Smartx TAG that can be tethered to the rearview mirror or patented Pole Tag. The active Tag emits a unique identifier every second. The Tag’s ID number is linked to the car’s details, such as its make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN), via SMARTX HUB platform’s integration with the Dealer Management System (DMS) software.

Your Yard with Permanent Monitoring

With SmartX™ solution you know, in real time, the location, condition, accuracy, and speed of the events occurring throughout your Business. As well as doing the scanning management, the Drone SmartX™ cloud platform also takes care of the data processing to speed up the entire operation – delivering processed data back to the user in real-time and in a easily shareable format so that they can act on the UAV delivered intel, rather than having countless days or hours of compiling data.


Labor force spending significant time searching for cars and monitoring inventory
Vehicles skip installation of accessories causing vehicle returns and fines
Wasted labor and fuel due to lengthy searches for specific car or assets

Reduce cost and operational risk while improving operation efficiency
Increase equipment availability and utilization rates
​Prevent shortages and operational disruptions​
The process would be inexpensive to carry out since a lot containing thousands of cars could be counted by a drone in an hour or less.

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