Cost Effective and Easy to Deploy Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution Improves Asset Performance, Safety, Facilitates Regulatory Compliance, and Increases Staff Efficiency


The solution is used for monitoring refrigerators and freezers, and can also be used in data centers and network closets, where sensitive electronic equipment is monitored, or in blanket warmers and food delivery carts.


Providing valuable data about asset’s status in addition to its location can be beneficial in manufacturing operations. Smart tags enable leveraging the tags to wirelessly transmit additional data for reporting purposes or for automatically triggering alerts based on reaching certain thresholds.


Smartx solution determines motorized equipment health and preventative maintenance actions by using advanced algorithms and telemetry data, such as temperature, vibration, movement, ambient light and other sensor-based data. Every reading from every device is automatically stored and date stamped, with a range of ready-made reports for quick and accurate reporting that can include corrective actions.

Be part of Industry 4.0

Pharmaceuticals, blood vaccines, tissues, food and other items require strict temperature ranges for quality patient care and safety. The humidity and temperature in Operating Rooms, IT closets, Pharmacies and some patient rooms must be monitored, recorded and controlled for safety and comfort.

The Smartx solution automates the current manual processes that most hospitals and warehouses has for monitoring temperature and humidity levels.


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