Smartx celebrates the ABRFID Award for Innovative Company 2017

ABRFID Award Recognized Companies and Personality in Brazilian RFID Industry

The Smartx Award recognized the pioneering and innovative solution development in the RFID Technologies and The Internet of Things (IoT) implemented by Smartx to the new concept of Smart IoT Drone Industry.





Pedro Moreira, the CTO of Smartx received the Awards with all RFID community.

“It took us a day and a half to check the vehicles parked on one of the courtyards, even with five staffers doing the counting and reading of the serial numbers in the traditional way—that is, by hand, one by one,” With the drone and beacons (Bluetooth Low Energy tags) from SmartX, he adds, the same task can be completed within only 10 minutes.


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About Smartx

Smartx is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in Unified Asset Visibility, delivering complete context-aware solutions based on the location, status, and condition of valuable assets. Smartx Hub software solution uses standard RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE beacons) Tags to accurately monitor the location, status, health and performance of assets (including inventory, equipment, and workforce), and utilize that information to deliver direct business benefits with a high return on investment. 

The Smartx Visibility System was designed to work in practically any environment, with the flexibility to meet numerous application and industry needs. By unifying a variety of technologies, including inventory management, asset utilization, asset maintenance and workflow, real-time location systems (RTLS), Active and Passive RFID, choke-point visibility, sensors, telemetry and more, Smartx Hub addresses all of an organization’s asset visibility needs in a single integrated cost-effective infrastructure.

Smartx is also the industry leader developing and manufacturing high-performance RFID and Beacon tags that are tailored to the exact requirements of customers.

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  • Paulo Tavares

    Congratulations SMARTX and your managers Carlos Ribeiro and Pedro Moreira.

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