Smartx Hub® platform provides complete enterprise visibility over a single unified solution, combining a wide variety of location, status and condition information about valuable mobile assets whether in indoor facilities, outdoor yards or other harsh environments.
Smartx Hub® is a effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status and condition of all assets across the enterprise in real-time.


Improved high value asset lifecycle management

The Smartx Hub® platform includes a broad range of applications: par level management, asset utilization, shrinkage/theft control, inventory management, preventive maintenance, recall management, rental management and integrations to maintenance management systems

Inter-site Visibility Solution

Improves process with real-time data and exception alerts

With Smartx Hub®, managers can track shipped assets and receive notifications upon items arrival or departure in other sites, improving traceability and ensuring items arrive at the correct destination.The data can be integrated to any inventory management system in order to ensure optimal scheduling and planning.

Yard Management & Workflow

Increase equipment availability and utilization rates

The Smartx Hub® enables overseeing the location of all vehicles, trailers, containers and racks as well as yard service vehicles throughout the yard in real-time while automatically generating accurate inventory information. Prevent shortages and operational disruptions​

Returnable / Reusable Asset Tracking

Reduce shrinkage, lost assets and streamline operations

Automating the management of these mobile assets means all users can be held accountable for the units that pass through their facilities, so shrinkage and their losses can be curtailed, cycle times can be optimized and RTI inventories can be right-sized and lean.


Smartx Hub® Platform is a web-based asset inventory and management, allowing customers to enjoy the best user experience and simplest deployment available.
No expensive software licenses are needed. Smartx® takes care of the networking, hosting, and product maintenance for you, letting you focus on your rental management business.
Data is automatically backed up daily. For our larger customers, traditional enterprise licensing is available, and Smartx Hub® can be integrated with existing databases or servers.
Condition Monitoring (Sensor and Telemetry)
The Smartx Hub® is a powerful tool that will help you in Improved regulatory compliance with temperature and humidity data collection requirements.
Improves the quality process through constant monitoring of safe temperature, humidity and other sensors data ranges and analysis of logged data to identify trends.
Event & Alert Manager
The Smartx Hub® events and notification module enables you to automatically and immediately significant context-based events that require attention.
Trigger configurable event types – entrance / exit, overflow shortage, dwell / absence, temperature, humidity, motion, par level, tag battery level, and more • Web-based event creation tool requires no coding
Enterprise Grade Platform
The Smartx Hub® is designed to support tens of thousands of assets through a modular and scalable architecture with high availability. Smartx Hub® can centrally manage distributed sites and supports enterprise databases.
Maintenance Tracking
Smartx Hub® allows the scheduling of equipment or parts maintenance events and performing/logging these maintenance events at the proper time.
The ability to schedule both one-time and recurring maintenance, and then perform/log these events with uploaded reports provides a full and complete audit trail.
With after-action reports, you will be able to see when equipment maintenance is performed, what it cost, who it was performed by, and any notes provided.
Web Reporting
Smartx Hub® provides custom reports module. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or CSV format, depending on your needs.
Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer.
This web-based inventory reporting feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a web browser and access to the Internet.
Track tens of thousands of mobile assets in real time
Configure and send automated alerts based on context
Create and export complex reports
Integrate with any third-party legacy systems
Create customized industry applications
Excel Data export/import
Maintenance Scheduling
Mass Change Reallocation of Assets
Mobile Task Management
Easily access and intuitively view visibility data from Web browsers, smartphones and handheld devices
Audit the attributes relative to each asset against its actual location, area, condition, etc
GPS coordinates of your assets based on the mobile audit function using smartphones or tablets
Warranty Information / Expiration Date
Assign Assets by Location
Collect and aggregate location, status and condition data of assets and people from any sensor, location source or auto-ID source
Easily create rules-based events and alerts triggered by asset location, group, status, condition and others parameters to automate and improve everyday processes.

Simple subscription pricing

Software that adapts to your requirements, vocabulary.
Compatible with RFID/Barcode/ Beacon Asset Labels
Centralized Asset Database
Price: Based on Asset
SW Availability: 24 horas on-line
Automatic upgrades

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