Tool and Rental Equipment Tracking with RFID

Gaining Control Over assets

SmartX Hub® provides you accurate real-time tracking of your equipment or parts helping you to locate all of the assets in a variety of manners saving valuable time with little or no human intervention.
Increase accountability at multiple job sites, storage locations, and other locations. All assets can have photos and track information by Person.

Workflow Management

Scan, track and manage all of your equipment in the easy-to-use and automated asset tracking system.
By tagging critical industrial assets with ruggedized passive RFID tags, then setting up a number of reader “checkpoints” at key points, managers and staffers can garner real-time data on the movement and location of individual throughout the facility.


SmartX Hub® is able to accomplish your operational efficiency with the least waste of time and effort:
– Automation of tool check-out/check-in process.
– Faster check-out / check-in reduces lines at the tool crib, increasing time on the floor.
– Reduction of time spent searching for the correct tool.
– Automate tool database by type, vendor, category, model, type, age, etc.
– Reduce tool loss at remote job sites by increasing accountability of direct and contract labor.

Cost Saving

Implementing Smartx Hub® at your company, the high cost of old inventory management can be used to invest in your company growth since Smartx Hub® offers:
– Reduce delays in project work-flow process.
– Increase accountability by establishing “ownership.”
– Determine usage rate and life of certain tools for replenishment.
– Determine best “tool kits” or “crib configurations” for particular remote sites or plant areas by the rate of use.


Smartx Hub® has the capability to provide your company with the desired IT tracking results:
– Find misplaced tools in specific work areas using RFID-Beacon TAG.
– Accurately account for old and broken tools that are decommissioned from service or being repaired.
– Establish an accurate preventive maintenance procedure for power tools.
– Conform to industry safety requirements such as FOD (Foreign Object and Debris) prevention, FME (Foreign Material Exclusion)

With RFID Technology, You Get Constant and Effort-Free Identification, Location and Tracking
Location, status and condition data of each asset (i.e. shipping containers, racks, tractors, vehicles) can boost operational efficiency and build profitability not only at indoor construction job sites but also at outdoor ones, including but not limited to yards, parking lots, transportation hubs, and warehouses.

Asset Tracking Reporting

Manage all your equipment from the purchase until their disposal.
Reports feature graphical and tabular views which can be printed or exported to Excel and PDF.

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