Drone used in Construction

Drones or UAV as a Service is the new trend in construction that is being used in many projects around the world offering multiple benefits. Imagine that your drone can be connected to a cloud-based platform and all information is captured and gathered instantaneously to your server, sounds nice right? Well, that is the type of service that leading tech company Drone SmartX™ is offering to many builders and contractors almost everywhere.

This company offers a product that is added to their UAV/drones to convert them into "Smart Drones".

How Does Smart Drones Help in Material Tracking?
The 'smart drone' technology can produce efficient and cost savings solutions on the jobsite by enhancing the way inventories are kept and maintained. The tools used will require less man-hours as the tracking, management and inventory can be controlled and assessed using the drones, at a faster pace than normal management procedures. The system will allow you to have better control over the following areas:

  • Yard check-in and /check-out of assets.
  • RFID tagging of inventory.
  • Grid-based location of assets.
  • Inventory location and reporting.
  • Project and work order integration to authorize yard activity.


Some other benefits of the cloud-platform are:

  • Improved asset visibility and automation.
  • Reduction in shrinkage and waste.
  • Increased service levels with lower inventory carrying costs.
  • Reduced time to locate assets

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