Knowing an employee's exact location makes it easier to deliver information that is relevant, precise and timely. However, geolocation user targeting can go far beyond simple proximity zonal tracking. It can automatically alert security when guests or badge holders enter restricted ‘geo-fenced’ zones. Centrally locate and control personnel access within and across sites, while speeding entry and protecting designated areas.

Personnel Safety

The most advanced automatic hands-free evacuation monitoring and personnel accountability system, with real-time personnel demographics visibility during mustering events, also certified for hazardous environments.
RFID & Beacon technology offers a compelling alternative that can be adapted to almost any industrial process, improving operations, safety, and accountability management, or any combination thereof the individual. The information collected can then be analyzed for a truly personalized, relevant and engaging action.

Evidence-Based Workflow Design

"Knowing where all personnel is (especially third parties) can enhance the safety and efficiency of your work environment.
Personnel Locating provides the added benefit of tracking employees time and attendance.
When personnel is mustered at specific gathering points, locating technology can monitor and record each worker’s presence, significantly reducing roll calls to a matter of minutes."


Smartx Hub® Platform is a web-based asset inventory and management, allowing customers to enjoy the best user experience and simplest deployment available. No expensive software licenses are needed. Smartx® takes care of the networking, hosting, and product maintenance for you, letting you focus on your rental management business. Data is automatically backed up daily. For our larger customers, traditional enterprise licensing is available, and Smartx Hub® can be integrated with existing databases or servers.
Centrally locate & track personnel throughout your site(s) & during emergency evacuations, including workers left to run critical operations using Drones with a specific mission for monitoring fences.
Long-range location & perimeter security in a single enterprise-wide system any notes provided.
The most adaptable yard management solution, for inventory and equipment tracking, designed explicitly for harsh environments & the ideal balance of location accuracy & cost This tracking tool helps you eliminate data entry errors and ensure you always know who has which assets, where they are located, and when to expect them to be returned.
SmartX Hub can register several movements like Arrival Alert, Leave Alert, Restricted Zone Access Alert, Monitored movement Alert and Automatic Location Update Alerts.
Smartx Hub® provides custom reports module. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or CSV format, depending on your needs. Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer. This web-based inventory reporting feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a web browser and access to the Internet.

Be part of Industry 4.0

The latest developments in AutoID technology and the possibility of exchanging data between all participants of a value chain (OEMs, suppliers and logistics service providers) open up new potential for controlling complex processes and to keep track of parts and assets as they move in real-time in the entire supply chain.

The major AutoID benefits of the customers: an improved enterprise planning and control, faster and better-informed decision making and a more effective collaboration across the enterprise and supply chain.

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