Combining Aerial Drone Technology with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Air drones provide automatic, accurate, fast, and safe inventory checks at the frequency chosen by the user. Wouldn’t that make your life as a manager easier with you have a “flying inventory assistants” to replace people having to walk around and collect information about what’s in stock.


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Apply drone technology to significantly improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of inventory checks and asset inspections.
The UAV Smartx Hub system provides an effective, flying robotic solution to scanning assets, products, and pallets in warehouses and logistic outdoor large areas. Inspecting the condition of assets in a yard or verifying the contents of box and pallets can be easily achieved. Air drones provide automatic, accurate, fast, and safe inventory checks at the frequency chosen by the user.

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Reduce the cost of carrying out such inspections​
Drones have become the most efficient type of solution for the inspection of several thousands of oil and gas pipelines. These assets must be constantly monitored to reduce the potential for undetected leaks and line breakages which can cause life threatening fires and explosions. ​ UAVs can fly within meters of the offshore platform whilst sending real-time sensor information to the UAV SmartX™ Cloud Platform.



"The UAV SmartHub is a very powerful cloud-based platform that works with the Scan Hub Data is sent via WiFi or wireless connectivity from the ScanHub™ directly to the UAV SmartHub™ cloud platform. The data is available within minutes."


Locate hard-to-reach ASSETS. Easily.

The SmartHub® is designed for Aerial Smart Sensor data collection and analysis.
Your company can use sensor data collected by UAVs to guide work processes and generate insight.
The UAV SmartX Hub® solution makes possible for users to use this data for preventive maintenance, operational intelligence and/or predictive maintenance.
SmartxHub® is a data management platform to capture, process and analyze the incoming information to identify notable events and create reports.

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