Real-time Bluetooth Asset Tracking solution.

Introducing Bluetooth® alternative to active and passive RFID.

The Smartx Hub® Beacon Tags tracking solution allows you to maintain up to the minute inventory control of all tagged equipment on your work sites and storage facilities. Simply leverage your existing employee's smart phones, tablets or gateway devices with low energy Bluetooth to continuously transmit data from any piece of equipment outfitted with a Smartx Beacon. With a range of up to 250 meters, battery life 2-8 years, and a weather proof tag, the site foreman can take inventory automatically without intervention. For some zones, you may choose to install a permanent gateway for inventory management 24/7.



Increase asset and space utilization by tracking of occupancy and asset usage.

The functionality of beacon tags is relatively simple. Beacons are small Bluetooth devices that broadcast a near-constant radio signal to smart devices in the area. The Smartx Application communicates to Beacon Tags through Low Energy Bluetooth® connection on Bluetooth® enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets and BLE/Wi-Fi Gateways. This signal indicates the Bluetooth users or device proximity to that beacon and, subsequently, a specific location. Additional beacons can be installed to accurately identify an individual’s position down to meter level. This technology can be easily integrated into other systems and everyday devices due to an existing widespread adaptation of the Bluetooth standard.




By collecting sensor telemetry data and using our advanced Condition Monitoring algorithms, are able to filter out non-vital data to accurately portray trend-line information, predict failure and provide alerts so that remedial actions can be scheduled before an equipment is about to stop functioning, thereby reducing downtime and avoiding lost capacity. Maintenance and replacements can be scheduled based on trendline and predictive analysis. The key to effective monitoring is not just collecting relevant data in real-time, but allowing you to act on this data immediately.


Locate your Assets

Smartx Beacon provides a simple, yet powerful means of tracking the location, status, and condition of assets and people

Audit your Inventory List

Find inventory, equipment and tools in buildings / job sites

Check In/Check Out

Automate Inventory delivery, pick-up and drop-off times

Environmental Monitoring

Centralize and automate the monitoring, alerting, and reporting of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Add security

Determine proximity of inventory through distance measurement to phones and tablets

Automate triggers and alerts

Automatically and immediately significant context-based events that require attention.

Beacon Tags-enabled devices and wearable technology using RTLS

Track your assets on the go, using beacons & mobile technology.

There are several uses for Bluetooth beacons in infrastructure. Take full advantage of the modern beacon’s capabilities: “find, monitor, analyze, alert”
Many companies employ similar RTLS systems based on WiFi or active/passive RFID tags, but the low energy requirements of Bluetooth enables them to work more efficiently and offer more capabilities for a smaller cost.

Application and Benefits

The Smartx Hub® platform includes a broad range of applications: par level management, asset utilization, shrinkage/theft control, inventory management, preventive maintenance, recall management, rental management and integrations to maintenance management systems.
With Smartx Hub®, managers can track shipped assets and receive notifications upon items arrival or departure in other sites, improving traceability and ensuring items arrive at the correct destination.The data can be integrated to any inventory management system in order to ensure optimal scheduling and planning.
The Smartx Hub® enables overseeing the location of all vehicles, trailers, containers, and racks as well as yard service vehicles throughout the yard in real-time while automatically generating accurate inventory information. Prevent shortages and operational disruptions.
Automating the management of these mobile assets means all users can be held accountable for the units that pass through their facilities, so shrinkage and their losses can be curtailed, cycle times can be optimized and RTI inventories can be right-sized and lean.
Innovation Bluetooth Low Energy
We are able to track a large number of assets – equipment & employees spread over a large area or a few high-value assets within a specific area.


Event & Alert Manager

The Smartx Hub® events and notification module enables you to automatically and immediately significant context-based events that require attention. Trigger configurable event types – entrance / exit, overflow shortage, dwell / absence, temperature, humidity, motion, par level, tag battery level, and more • Web-based event creation tool requires no coding

RTLS & business intelligence

The most controversial but also the most common use case today of Smart tags is using the data collected for business intelligence. With an unified location solution, like SmartxHub, is possible to answer questions like “how many people walk by a given location each day”, ”what are the busiest hours throughout the day/week”, “how long is the average person spending inside the area/location” and “where in a site/location personnel spend most time”.

Condition Monitoring (Sensor and Telemetry)

The Smartx Hub® is a powerful tool that will help you in Improved regulatory compliance with temperature and humidity data collection requirements. Improves the quality process through constant monitoring of safe temperature, humidity and other sensors data ranges and analysis of logged data to identify trends.

Smarter decision making

Smartx RTLS can be used for everything from choosing locations and planning site layouts, to understanding the personnel movements and using those insights to come up with new safety or business strategies. Smartx data platform that collects data from every device, analyzes it in real-time and transforms your information into insights.

Asset Tracking: Health

Smartx solution is able to monitor the health of assets like generators, motors and motorized equipment such as conveyors and lifts by monitoring telemetry data such as vibration and temperature and understanding the trendline on every piece of equipment. This critical information can provide alerts and notify appropriate personnel when a failure is predicted. Further, analytics can be used to study trend lines to predict failures.

Asset & Material Flow

Knowing a employer's exact location means it is easier to deliver information which i s r elevant t o t hem a t th at p recise m oment an d cont ext. How ever, micro -location user t arget ing can go far bey on d simple p roximity zonal trac king. It also automatically alerts security of guest or badge holders entry into restricted ‘geo- fenced’ zones. Centrally locate & control personnel access within & across sites, while speeding entry & protecting designated areas.


"Because RFID, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technologies read multiple tags at once without requiring a line of sight, customers are able to more quickly and accurately locate assets without scanning labels one-by-one. When tracking assets is easy to do, it gets done."

We are pushing the Internet of Things revolution forward by connecting proximity-aware devices to the cloud. See more below.

Smartx Hub® Platform is a web-based asset inventory and management, allowing customers to enjoy the best user experience and simplest deployment available. No expensive software licenses are needed. Smartx® takes care of the networking, hosting, and product maintenance for you, letting you focus on your rental management business. Data is automatically backed up daily. For our larger customers, traditional enterprise licensing is available, and Smartx Hub® can be integrated with existing databases or servers.
Beacons can authenticate physical access such as entrances to areas or offices, which means a leg-up on liability problems. Smartx Beacon Tag offers a comprehensive worker safety solution with several key applications with one common, very important component; real-time visibility. It’s easy to see where workers are now, and where they’ve been over a historical period, enabling you to analyze workflows and discover opportunities to improve productivity. Using a Smartx solution to minimise risk to workers ensures you’re following industry best practices, whilst potentially saving you costs by enhancing efficiency. This protects visitors, workers, managers and the integrity of the system. Plus, beacons badge can be configured to alert staff if a visitor entry in pre-defined risk areas.
The Smartx Hub® beacons enable overseeing the location of all vehicles, trailers, containers, and racks as well as yard service vehicles throughout the yard in real-time while automatically generating accurate inventory information. Pick-up and drop-off locations are delivered in real-time and easily integrated into 3rd party applications through a readily available web service interface. Temperature, light and impact sensors provide immediate notifications should adherence to storage and transportation requirements for goods and inventory exceed thresholds.
Tracking the chain of custody is keeping a record of asset transfers among people, "when" and "who". It seems very simple and straightforward, but it is actually very difficult to do if you are using emails or excel sheets to track physical assets. The Smartx Hub® action module enables you to checked-out/in your assets. It reduces assets losses, write-offs, and purchasing costs by instantly logging essential equipment transaction data in a central location. This tracking tool helps you eliminate data entry errors and ensure you always know who has which assets, where they are located, and when to expect them to be returned.
Automating the management of these mobile assets with Beacons means all users can be held accountable for the units that pass through their facilities, so shrinkage and their losses can be curtailed, cycle times can be optimized and RTI inventories can be right-sized and lean. Real-time sensor and location information is provided on-line through an intuitive map-based interface providing visibility into the entire supply chain.
Smartx Hub® provides custom reports module. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or CSV format, depending on your needs. Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer. This web-based inventory reporting feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a web browser and access to the Internet. Smartx Hub delivers standard reporting including: Exception Report ; Matching Report ; Lost Inventory ; Total Inventory ; Moved Assets

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