Carlos Ribeiro


Mr. Ribeiro has extensive experience in architecting, designing and managing the development of information technology in a wide spectrum of areas including scalable RFID-driven supply chain event management, intelligent information integration, distributed collaboration and data mining.

Mr. Ribeiro brings more than 24 years of sales, marketing and information systems experience to the Smartx team and sold his first company to Mercedes Benz IT group and worked for TS-Deutsche Telekom for 15 years as head of Innovation in M2M. Mr. Carlos received his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Pedro Moreira


Mr. Moreira has held senior management and executive positions in a diverse array of industries including software, RFID Tags industry, cloud services and network. Mr. Moreira was most recently Business Development of Valid, an Auto-ID factory firm investing in RFID technology manufacturing plants, and worked at NEC and Computer Associates CA. He has more than 15 Years in Software Sales.

Mr. Moreira was graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science. He also conducted more than 30 RFID projects with millions in Revenue and is very well known in the global industry. He is responsible for RFID product strategy, product delivery and management with a singular focus on product-market fit.