SMARTX is proud to offer a wide range of RFID tags.

UHF Label and Tags


Temperature & Humidity Tags

Application Ready Tags

Smartx is proud to offer a wide range of RFID tags, all of which can be configured to meet your exact needs. No matter the use case,  heavy duty, indoor or outdoor, challenging or simple we have the products to make RFID for your project.

Our X™ product line of RFID tags and labels offers dozens of unique designs and constructions including products for harsh environments and long-term durable outdoor applications.

Find the product you are looking for using the table below. Filter your search by use case and the industry your tag is for. Can’t find the product you need? Smartx’s development process can deliver a custom engineered solution that is a perfect match to meet your RFID goals.

Select Tags.

Read ranges are theoretical values that are calculated for the non-reflective environment, in where antennas with optimum directivity are used with the maximum allowed operating power. Different surface materials may have an effect on performance.

XTR 8625r6

Non Metallic surfaces (PET)

XTR 5015

Metallic surfaces

XTR 135 - Hard tag

Metallic surfaces

XTR 130 - Hard tag

Metallic surfaces

XTR 2087 Textile

Linen and Uniform tags

XTR 8020W - Hard tag

Metallic surfaces

XTR 6019 - Hard tag

UHF chemical resistant RFID- Mettalic

XTR 8020

Both metallic and non-metallic Assets

XTR 087 - Hard tag

Metallic surfaces

XTR 7020 - Hard tag

Both metallic and non-metallic Assets

XTR 2626 - Hard tag

UHF chemical resistant RFID- Mettalic


Metallic surfaces

XTR 9020 - Hard tag

Metallic surfaces

XTR 5213 - Hard tag

Metallic Surfaces

XTR 7111

High Temperature inlay

XTR 10607 - Hard tag

Both metallic and non-metallic Assets

XTR 9018

Flexible rfid tags non-Metallic


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Software Suite for IoT Tracking

Smartx HUB’s software utilizes data sourced from a wide variety of devices and sensors simultaneously to actively manage the state, location, ownership, and flow of assets and inventory to drive business processes and efficiencies. Our Solution provides a higher level of operational insight over inventory quantity and location, par levels, and equipment process cycle status with powerful, visually-driven analytics. Smartx HUB Asset Visibility gives staff a data-driven platform to manage, monitor and understand asset allocation. That includes par levels, asset utilization, shrinkage, and inventory status. This gives management the opportunity to make strategic decisions to increase ROI by reducing loss and shrinkage.

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Smartx Technology focuses on every aspect of RFID technology to ensure your satisfaction and success. We are a passionate solution provider with extensive technical and business knowledge.

Software Suite for IoT Tracking

Smartx HUB platform is an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software and hardware platform provider leveraging multiple auto-ID technologies for the comprehensive management of physical assets.

Superior ROI in six critical areas

Our solutions enable customers to achieve organizational excellence :
-Unique item-level tracking
-RFID Real-Time Tracking
-Asset Management
-Staff workflow
-Sensor Monitoring
-Business Analytics

Enabling Integrated Solutions

Our platform wirelessly connects everyday items and delivers each item’s unique identity, location, and authenticity – which we refer to as Item Intelligence – to applications like inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication.