Automated asset tracking helps to improve efficiency and save costs for Data center service business, which are tasked with managing hundreds of pieces of devices, parts and other assets across large facilities.

Update IT asset inventories quickly
and automatically

While preventing IT asset theft or loss of data may be the most compelling reason to invest in a solution designed to automatically manage and track IT assets, there are other factors prompting companies to explore and invest in SMART ID Asset tracking technology. They include:

  • Increased accountability, control, and custody
  • Instantly know where items are located and their condition
  • Strengthen control over its hard drives, laptops and customer confidential data
  • Update IT asset inventories quickly and automatically
  • Reduce the time and cost of tracking and reconciling IT inventories
  • Meet Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements


Automate the management of equipment, files, and other assets. See the real-time location of items for visibility into workflow status and resource planning. Reduce capital expenditures and ensure compliance with maintenance and regulated processes.


Stockroom module allows the tracking of non traditional assets such as stockroom, inventory and consumable items. With Smartx solution is possible to automate expiring product stock alerts are sent to purchasers, allowing timely re-ordering.


Track rental equipment to ensure assets are returned on time and analyze utilization data to optimize the balance between capital and rental equipment—significantly lowering operational costs.


Preventive maintenance made easy with IoT. Get smart analytics for greater ROI and real time asset health insights. Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and safety.


RFID-enabled IT asset management links electronic and physical asset tracking from purchasing through end-of-life. It offers immediate, substantial returns on investment by preventing loss and theft of valuable assets, recovering misplaced, powered-down or disconnected computing assets, and maintaining the integrity of asset information through critical lifecycle stages.


Wireless hospital temperature monitoring to ensure safe storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and more. Every reading from every device is automatically stored and date stamped, with a range of ready-made reports for quick and accurate reporting that can include corrective actions.

Real-Time Automated Management of High-Value and Mission-Critical Assets


IT Assets Lab equipment Telecom equipment Weapons/Firearms Manufacturing equipment Capital assets Government Furnished Property Medical Equipment Furniture Vehicles Artwork Books, documents, and files Almost any other type of asset
Smartx Hub® Platform is a web-based asset inventory and management, allowing customers to enjoy the best user experience and simplest deployment available. No expensive software licenses are needed. Smartx® takes care of the networking, hosting, and product maintenance for you, letting you focus on your rental management business. Data is automatically backed up daily. For our larger customers, traditional enterprise licensing is available, and Smartx Hub® can be integrated with existing databases or servers.
The Smartx Hub® Asset Manager is a powerful tool that will help you in managing your inventory and quickly locate the assets. In it, users can view important information about your asset like status, current location, container location, barcodes, and serial numbers. Tagged assets and individuals are detected, the massive inflow of data is processed by the system to identify, locate and decipher events of particular importance.
Smartx Hub® allows the scheduling of equipment or parts maintenance events and performing/logging these maintenance events at the proper time. The ability to schedule both one-time and recurring maintenance, and then perform/log these events with uploaded reports provides a full and complete audit trail. With after-action reports, you will be able to see when equipment maintenance is performed, what it cost, who it was performed by, and any notes provided.
Tracking the chain of custody is keeping a record of asset transfers among people, "when" and "who". It seems very simple and straightforward, but it is actually very difficult to do if you are using emails or excel sheets to track physical assets. The Smartx Hub® action module enables you to checked-out/in your assets. It reduces assets losses, write-offs, and purchasing costs by instantly logging essential equipment transaction data in a central location. This tracking tool helps you eliminate data entry errors and ensure you always know who has which assets, where they are located, and when to expect them to be returned.
The Smartx Hub® adds the convenience of a fully integrated, straight-line depreciation system to the core of our asset management software. The Smartx Hub® Asset Depreciation module helps you manage and track depreciation for the purposes of accurate financial accounting. It’s built-in tracking methods allow you to monitor and report on the cost and value of your assets over their useful life. In addition, you can configure reports needed for tax and insurance purposes and warranty extension.
Smartx Hub® provides custom reports module. Reports can be Excel, PDF, or CSV format, depending on your needs. Web Reporting allows access to stock information online via a web browser on any smartphone or computer. This web-based inventory reporting feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a web browser and access to the Internet. Smartx Hub delivers standard reporting including: Exception Report ; Matching Report ; Lost Inventory ; Total Inventory ; Moved Assets

The State of the Art in IT Asset Management: RFID

The financial benefits of RFID-assisted asset management are significant, virtually instantaneous, and lasting. An RFID cart’s first trip through a large data center typically discovers hundreds of thousands of dollars of idle assets consuming kilowatts of power, backup power, and cooling capacity. It is not at all unusual for an RFID project to recover its entire cost in the first few hours of deployment.
Visit the Smartx BROCHURE to learn more about our solutions.


Quickly locate critical equipment when it's needed to avoid purchasing new, redundant assets. Improve the capital expenditure process.
Maintain more accurate physical inventories with less manual labor (labor savings can be reduced by 90%). No downtime when key assets are where they need to be, on time.
Comply with various regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley. Eliminate manual audits with real-time, automatic status updates.
Increase the utilization of the assets (30-70% on average).
Reduce shrinkage and lost assets.
Improve management of assets with usage analysis and condition reports.

and more Benefits..

The Smartx Hub® platform includes a broad range of applications: par level management, asset utilization, shrinkage/theft control, inventory management, preventive maintenance, recall management, rental management and integrations to maintenance management systems.
With Smartx Hub®, managers can track shipped assets and receive notifications upon items arrival or departure in other sites, improving traceability and ensuring items arrive at the correct destination.The data can be integrated to any inventory management system in order to ensure optimal scheduling and planning. Improves high value asset security and adherence to regulations.
The Smartx Hub® enables overseeing the location of all vehicles, trailers, containers, and racks as well as yard service vehicles throughout the yard in real-time while automatically generating accurate inventory information. Prevent shortages and operational disruptions. Automates the management of asset maintenance, warranties, repairs, upgrades and dispatch. Automate PAR-level management.
Automating the management of these mobile assets means all users can be held accountable for the units that pass through their facilities, so shrinkage and their losses can be curtailed, cycle times can be optimized and mobile assets inventories can be right-sized and lean.


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