The value of RFID for Returnable Transport Item Tracking Management

  Returnable Transport Item Tracking using Smart Technologies  The use of returnable containers (pallets, roll cages, returnable plastic containers, tote boxes, ingredients bins, dollies, IBCs, intermediate bulk containers, gas cylinders, and kegs etc) is an increasing phenomenon in the modern supply chain, with companies constantly seeking to reduce costs, increase handling efficiencies and improve environmental[…]

SMTX12715 – RFID for Returnable Transport Item ​

SMTX12715 is used to manage reusable assets like e.g. pallets, bins, totes, roll cages. Asset tracking, inventory control, distribution, returnable transit item management for retailers, postal operators, manufacturers and RTI pooling companies. The lifecycle of the RTI can be long, and the RTI can be used in all types of weather conditions, which poses a challenge[…]

RFID Tags & Labels For Vehicle Tracking

Smartx’s RFID Windshield Tags offer a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking or even a car wash. Utilizing passive RFID inlays, this product provides a read range of approximately 15+ feet. The inlay is encapsulated between thin layers of polyester adding printing to[…]

SMTX5112 – RFID Hard/Flex Metal Mount Tag

The SMTX5112 RFID Durable Tag is designed for asset tracking applications that require resistance to moderate impact under metal surface. Constructed of durable impact resistant resin, this product features a hermetically welded housing that protects the subsurface printed label and the RFID inlay from rigorous environments. The metal surface provides for a longer read range* than similar[…]

RFID Production Hang Tag

Unlike our other RFID Tags, the RFID Hang Tags attach to the asset with mechanical fasteners (i.e., plastic ties). This makes them the perfect solution for asset tracking applications on metal or non-metal surfaces that do not allow for attachment directly to the asset. These tags also can be removed and reattached – giving new[…]

SMRTX5320M – Durable RFID Metal Mount Tag (Hard)

SMRTX5320M is a tag solution for returnable transit items and industrial assets that face varying weather conditions and rough handling. It  is tuned for metal use and brings an exceptional level of robustness against the demanding requirements of industrial and retail tracking applications. SMTX5320M encapsulation is IP68 level and it requires only an area of[…]

SMTX3612 – Mini RFID Metal Mount Tag (Hard)

Our SMTX3612 RFID Metal Mount Tag combines the construction of the Standard RFID Tag with a proprietary design of PCB antenna circuit which runs perfect on Metal surface. This tag can be attached directly to a metal surface and has a read range of 5-6 feet.*  This smaller tag utilizes a patented inlay design and[…]

SMTX5320 – Standard RFID Tag (Flexible)

SMTX5320 is a RFID Standard tag ideal for asset tracking applications on non-metal surfaces that require attachment directly to the asset. The construction completely encapsulates the inlay sealing it from environmental conditions that could have an adverse effect on the performance and the life of the RFID label.