Healthcare and Clinics

How location data can keep patients and healthcare workers safe

How location data can keep patients and healthcare workers safe Many of the problems which contribute to Healthcare Industry challenges share a common cause – a lack of ”visibility” into the real-time location, status and condition of patients, staff, medical equipment and other mobile assets. An infusion pump that isn’t maintained on time, an open refrigerator with temperature-sensitive goods, suboptimal patient flow within and between departments, or a wandering patient… Read More »How location data can keep patients and healthcare workers safe

Fixed RFID Display Gateways

Fixed RFID Advertising Display Gateways SmartX uses Fixed RFID Display Gateways at chokepoints such as Entry-Exit doors and office corridors for our implementation designs when creating real-time RFID asset tracking systems. This allows us to create a hands-free, automated tracking capability that works for your organization around the clock. This kind of an automated system is always-on and provides a far superior level of inventory accuracy and asset visibility over… Read More »Fixed RFID Display Gateways

Top 25 Medical Assets Tracked and Managed with SmartX HUB RFID

The Basics of RTLS RTLS is like GPS for the indoors — a system that displays the real-time locations of people and things on a map (or in a list). Different RTLS vendors use different technologies to determine locations, but they all work in the same general way. Badges worn by people, and tags affixed to equipment, communicate with a IoT gateway network of receivers installed throughout a facility. The… Read More »Top 25 Medical Assets Tracked and Managed with SmartX HUB RFID

Best Practices in RFID-enabled IT asset management system

The State of the Art in IT Asset Management: RFID Financial Services,  Telecommunications, and other companies use IT to deliver unprecedented levels of productivity and service. Support of their continuous global operations requires IT infrastructure physical, electrical, and HVAC—that has become a substantial component of their physical infrastructure. As businesses grow more IT-intensive, their IT departments are adopting business methodologies to help them manage IT infrastructure for maximum business value.… Read More »Best Practices in RFID-enabled IT asset management system

How asset tracking aids Laboratories Institutions in Saving Money, Time, and Worry

SmartX HUB RFID for Check-In / Check-Out of Labs Equipment Organizations spend millions of dollars on test and measurement equipment in labs and manufacturing. Regardless of which type of lab it is –  Electronics, Schools, Universities, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical or any other engineering or scientific lab or which type of manufacturing  Industrial or Clean rooms, issues of equipment traceability remains the same.  Every year, these institutions lose thousands to millions of… Read More »How asset tracking aids Laboratories Institutions in Saving Money, Time, and Worry

Why Asset Management Solution in the Cloud?

The SmartX RFID Asset Tracking System provides cradle-to-grave asset tracking and management SmartX HUB Cloud is a hosted service inventory tracking software that manages the movement, usage and location of your inventory, for one low annual fee. This fee covers application hosting, support and updates without the hassle of maintaining web and database servers to maintain your tool inventory. Features & Benefits   Immediate start-up – Be up and running in… Read More »Why Asset Management Solution in the Cloud?

Real-Time ENTERPRISE ASSET Intelligence

Real-Time ENTERPRISE ASSET Intelligence WITH RFID, YOU GET CONSTANT AND EFFORT-FREE IDENTIFICATION, LOCATION AND TRACKING INFORMATION. VISIBILITY INTO THE INVENTORY AND MOVEMENT OF ASSETS IS CRITICAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. The Basics of RFID Automatic identification (auto ID) technologies help machines or computers identify objects by using automatic data capture. RFID is one type of auto ID technology that uses radio waves to identify, monitor, and manage individual objects as they move… Read More »Real-Time ENTERPRISE ASSET Intelligence

What is the difference between RFID and a Beacon?

In this post we will discuss in detail how iBeacon technology and RFID compare against each other on the following critical aspects: 1. Accessibility What is accessibility? Accessibility, in reference of location-based technology, is the ability of the technology to be “tapped into” or accessed by a consumer or business. No matter which technology you opt to go ahead with for your business, you need to have some basic infrastructure… Read More »What is the difference between RFID and a Beacon?

Visibility of Medical Devices

AUTOMATE ASSET AND EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT Gain visibility and manage your most valuable assets SmartX HUB Solution offers an efficient way to track devices at Hospitals and Medical facilities. The main benefit of using Smartx technology is to improve patient safety and increase asset utilization in real-time tracking. With Smartx Hub® solution, you can increase automation and revenues and decrease the percentage of medical errors using a track and match applications.… Read More »Visibility of Medical Devices

IT Asset Management with RFID

Gaining Control Over IT Assets. SmartX Hub -enabled IT asset management linking electronic and physical asset tracking since asset purchase through its disposal. This offers immediately, substantial returns on investment by preventing loss of valuable assets, recovering misplaced, powered-down or disconnected computing assets while maintaining the integrity of asset information until critical lifecycle stages. It can track the thousands of IT assets that are crucial to practically every business from… Read More »IT Asset Management with RFID