Keep track of what really matters, including temperature, humidity, location, and so much more.

Measuring temperature

Collecting data

Using the data

A Better Way to Manage Temperature & More

Continuous wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and others sensor applications across the enterprise.

SmartX offers a cost-effective temperature monitoring solution for Enterprise   environments such as Hospitals, Retail and Manufacturing plants to ensure regulatory compliance, improve personnel  safety and increase operational efficiency. The system can automatically monitor temperature and humidity in critical environments such as medical stores to meet regulatory standards. Removing the need for manual checks helps save time, reduce cost and eliminate errors. Completed temperature recordings are maintained in accordance with regulatory compliance and can be archived or made available for audit or reference purposes. 

How It Works

Install sensor tags in refrigerators or freezers or on walls for ambient temperature and humidity monitoring.
The tags communicate wirelessly with the SmartX HUB visibility and analytics platform. If  conditions deviate from set ranges, the system issues smart, real-time alerts so staff can quickly respond and easily log corrective actions.


Improve asset utilization, availability, and efficiency with SmartX IoT Platform​​

SmartX HUB Wireless monitoring provides around-the-clock coverage and real-time alerts to proactively address environmental changes before damage, loss or client safety issues occur. Powerful reporting and analytics simplifies regulatory compliance and provides data-driven insights for better operational decision making and process improvements.

Get more from your Sensor platform with IoT-RFID

Continuous wireless monitoring of temperature, humidity and other sensor applications across the enterprise
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Higher efficiency, higher satisfaction.

Manual environmental monitoring is labor-intensive and prone to human error. Eliminate manual recording to increase workers satisfaction, productivity and time to focus on core business.

Reduce loss, save money.

Rapid ROI. One food refrigerator unplugged or flooding in a lab can mean a loss of thousands of dollars. With realtime alerts, you can intervene before contents become damaged or unusable.

Streamline regulatory compliance.

Smartx HUB's easy-to-deploy environmental monitoring solution delivers granular, real-time environmental data down to the zona-level. Every reading is automatically stored and time-stamped, corrective actions are easily logged via PC or mobile device, and compliance reports are a click away.

Cost-Effective, End-to-End Solution

SmartX HUB Solution secures food freshness and reduces the risk of costly spoilage while maintaining accurate temperature record keeping. Receive an alert if temperature readings fall out of range and take immediate action. Efortlessly monitor all of your food storage equipment 24 hours a day.


The solution leverages the hospital’s existing network, it requires no dedicated sensor network, no hard wires and is easy to install. Our software provides automated temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting, as well as all required logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.
Track where assets are located as well as their condition — While some systems just track the temperature, SmartX HUB’s hospital environmental monitoring solution takes it a step further. Now hospitals can locate exactly where assets are and their environmental conditions.

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A better way to safeguard pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food freshness & more

With our  wire-free sensors, open APIs, and real-time reporting capabilities, SmartX HUB is easily integrated with existing IT, facilities, and business systems, creating mission critical value throughout the asset lifecycle, so you can save time and money and keep track of what really matters.

Key Improvements:

Enable staff to monitor temperature efficiently
(95% to 100%)
Safely increase set points and reduce cooling costs
(10% to 25%)
Avoid looses materials due accidentally unplugged freezers
(10% to 30%)
0perations and maintenance costs
(10% to 25%)