Is there a way to maintain real-time status of tool location, maintenance and inventory at all times?

RFID Tool Tracking

SmartX HUB tool tracking solution uses state-of-the-art technology to help companies in mining, construction, oil & gas, and many other industries quickly and efficiently maintain real-time data regarding tool locations, maintenance history and inventory. The RFID tags we implement are designed to withstand incredibly harsh conditions, allowing your company to take advantage of the massive time savings provided by RFID technology even when your equipment is covered in dirt or grease.


Visit below describes some of the potential applications for our tool control solution: 

  • Construction asset  management
  • Plant maintenance assets
  • Mining industry equipment management
  • Oil and gas asset tracking
  • Utility plant asset inventory
  • Monitor rate of use for work gloves and safety devices

Isues that our system can solve

  • How do we speed up check-in/check-out of hand tools that are stored in cases?
  • How do we avoid stalled productivity when the tool crib attendant is away?
  • Is there a way to maintain real-time status of tool location, maintenance and inventory at all times?
  • How can I increase accountability to reduce tool loss and hoarding?
  • Is there a system for reliable tool tracking in harsh, dirty environments?

How Does It Work?

In its most basic configuration. SmartX HUB Platform comes with a bunch of passive RFID tags and a portable handheld reader.

 SmartX HUB Platform allows you to program and commission the RFID tags with a unique ID to identify each individual asset to be tracked. The unique IDs are associated with a record in the SmartX HUB Platform database where additional information on the asset may be stored. 

Additionally, each location where tagged assets will be located is marked with a RFID tag created to uniquely identify the location. SmartX HUB Platform is initially set up to know the locations of all assets. The system is now ready for rapid inventorying.

At inventory time a portable handheld reader with SmartX HUB Platform mobile software can be walked around and used to quickly scan for location RFID tags and asset RFID tags much faster than is possible with bar-codes. All the data is collected and wirelessly transmitted to the SmartX HUB Platform server.

RFID Tool Tracking Benefits

  • ncrease efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual inventories
  • Fast and easy check-out while maintaining accountability for lost or broken tools
  • Tool management software quickly runs billing reports by usage to recapture tooling costs
  • RFID Track and trace complete tool inventory across multiple locations in real time
  • Rugged RFID tags can be accurately scanned without direct line of sight, even when dirty or greasy
  • Automated self-service tool check-in/check-out after hours and on weekends

Maintenance Features of SmartX HUB

This equipment maintenance software monitors and schedules maintenance of items needing service and provides full reporting for service due, outstanding repairs, meter readings, maintenance histories and much more.
Having an equipment maintenance software to track the maintenance schedules of your tools and equipment can benefit your company in a number of ways:

  • Allow the implementation of preventative maintenance.
  • Track emergency and unscheduled repairs.
  • Provide inspection and calibration capabilities.
  • Ensure fewer equipment breakdowns.
  • Result in fewer work stoppages and stock-outs.
  • Lead to longer asset life and greater resale values.
  • Result in a safer work site.
  • Track items sent out for external repairs.
  • Store compliance certificates and other documents for easy retrieval.