Appliance Manufacturer Tracks Returnables

Appliance Manufacturer Tracks incoming materials with RFID – Returnables container

The Customer

Our customer is a global leader in household appliances and has more than 60 million household and professional products in more than 150 markets every year. In 2017 it had sales of SEK 122 billion and about 56,000 employees.

The Challenge

The customer has a complex supply chain with more than two hundred thousands of returnable assets, posing significant operational, financial and audit implications for missing or inadequate supplies of these assets. At a shrinkage rate of anywhere from 5% a year, RTI fleet is a large problem with a large cost. What’s more, the customer had a lack of the ability to even gain insight into the size of their fleet itself, meaning that the cause and size of their asset management problems go unknown. The customer was looking for a special RFID tag that significantly eliminates errors under the new automated RFID system. At the warehouse cross dock, the time and labor was an intensive task of manually inputting data.

The Smartx Solution

The customer commissioned us to implement Smartx HUB cloud platform to track the steel stillages, which would allow real-time visibility of with RFID portals in the warehouse and supplier mobile solution. The Smartx HUB combine auto-ID technology with a robust cloud software platform that provides up-to-date, accurate inventory and supply chain information to help our customer and its suppliers to streamline their returnable asset activity and closely manage returnable assets with minimal time and labor. Smartx’s solutions also included configurable workflows, alerting features, trend analytics and more to provide real-time control to fix problems before they escalate and optimize the RTI fleet as it travels through the supply chain.

The Result

• Process improvement: : time, management , management, and localization is significantly improved.

 Asset inventory: all movements are recorded at each control point updating asset availability in real time.

 Additional asset investments and inventory supply problems reduction.

 Life-cycle management: information about asset use is provided in order to measure the average use cycle.

 Reports: availability and last known location of each asset may be consulted from any location.

Loss reduction.

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