Visibility of Medical Devices


Gain visibility and manage your most valuable assets

SmartX HUB Solution offers an efficient way to track devices at Hospitals and Medical facilities. The main benefit of using Smartx technology is to improve patient safety and increase asset utilization in real-time tracking. With Smartx Hub® solution, you can increase automation and revenues and decrease the percentage of medical errors using a track and match applications. There are numerous benefits of using IoT Smart Sensors technology for medical device tracking, positively impacting both operational efficiency and patient safety.

Track the full lifecycle of your physical assets.

Automating the management of physical assets saves your organization labor, time and money:

  • Knowing where your assets are and when they move, helps you gain more control and streamline your operations
  • Leveraging cloud computing, users manage equipment with a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • Information is available in real-time or offline via data sync
  • Provides a centralized database to store all assets and parts inventory
  • Tracks asset attribute information such as location, assignment, warranty information, cost, etc
  • Enables quick and efficient searching and reporting capabilities
  • Increases overall efficiency of radio maintenance processes
  • Track your assets from anywhere, at any time.

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