Mining Industry

Application of RFID in the tracking of equipment for Maintenance in the Mining Industry

The Customer

The customer is a Peruvian miner engaged in the exploration for, and the mining and processing of, gold, silver and other metals. The company, the country’s largest locally owned precious metals producer, operates several mines in Peru (Orcopampa, Uchucchacua, Poracota, Tantahuatay, La Zanja, Río Seco, Julcani, Antapite and Mallay).

The Challenge

RFID in underground mining service applications is set against the backdrop of the major challenges this technology must overcome for successful implementation in rugged environments.

Our customer needed to reduce operating costs; reduce inspection time; eliminate untimely, labor-intensive task to communicate an equipment failure; and provide easy access to maintenance notifications requests histories with the mining industry’s comprehensive RFID technology for equipment and parts.

Asset management is a vital strategy for improving company revenue for several reasons. First, asset tracking streamlines your operations and reduces time wasted on inefficient tracking methods, such as manually entering assets in a spreadsheet or letting only a handful of individuals deal with assets (which can lead to oversights and discrepancies).

The Smartx Solution

Our customer spent several months carrying out preliminary testing of hardware and software, in order to ascertain the appropriate mix. In designing the pilot the group sought tags, smartphones with readers and RFID Hand Held that would enable staff members to locate tagged items quickly within the several mining facilities in Peru, whether in the shop or in laydown areas. The team selected Smartx HUB as a cloud platform and trained the staff.

Smartx HUB  RFID integrated platform repairable management system can reduce queue time by up to 98 percent and dramatically improve parts utilization by giving operators increased visibility into their repairable supply chain.

Through the asset inventory system:

  • Physical asset Inventory including Photos.
  • The client creates maintenance notifications based on RFID tags and failures catalog.
  • Audit Trail – Web-based tracking reporting feature with used defined filed and query.
  • A central database with all Equipment and parts with RFID tags.
  • Integrated with SAP to exchange notification and asset listing data

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