Aerial Oil & Gas Site Inspection

Efficiency, safety, mobility, speed & inspections using UAV Technology.

UAVs are a safe and economical solution to Oil pipelines and offshore platforms inspections. Drone SmartX™ Solutions are designed for commercial use and are perfect for sensor data capturing. Drones have become the most efficient type of solution for the inspection of several thousands of oil and gas pipelines. These assets must be constantly monitored to reduce the potential for undetected leaks and line breakages which can cause life-threatening fires and explosions.
UAVs can fly within meters of the offshore platform whilst sending real-time sensor information to the UAV SmartX™ Cloud Platform.

Your Yard with permanent monitoring

​By tagging critical industrial assets with ruggedized passive RFID tags, then setting up a number of reader “checkpoints” at key points, managers and staffers can garner real-time data on the movement and location of individual throughout the facility.

Scan from a distance

​Oil and gas drilling requires Asset Tracking systems that are operable in the harshest environments and can overcome such issues as frequent extreme vibration, high pressure and temperature, harsh downhole fluids, and extended use and run times.

Implementing RFID Drone

The implementation of drone with RFID technology can largely increase the efficiency of all processes of oil & gas supply chain activities. It can do the accounting for assets 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Learn how a drilling reamer that employs RFID technology to enable multiple, on-demand activations or deactivations any time during the drilling or tripping processes reduces operating time, as well as risk.
Find out how overall drilling efficiency is increased and development economics are improved.

Cost Saving
Gathering information in dangerous environments possible and extreme weather conditions

-Flare stack inspection
-Asset Inventory
-Oil and Gas pipelines inspection by video and sensors
-Oil spills detection​


  • Improve 500% in productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce cost and operational risk while improving efficiency
    UAVs measure and quantify oil spills, with the ability to assess where the oil is spreading
  • Real-time information about assets and persons
  • Provide a means of collecting important information more quickly than a ground-crew
  • Reduce the cost of carrying out such inspections​

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