Visibility & Performance for Critical Assets and People
with IoT-RFID.

Increase revenue generation

Improve capital and asset efficiency

Increase labor productivity

What Do We do?

Smartx HUB (Cloud Asset Management for Enterprises) platform is an enterprise scalable platform designed to integrate multiple enterprise locations, asset classes, and workflows. It operates fully agnostic of any select hardware parameters to simultaneously support multiple
auto-ID and IoT sensor technologies.

How Do We Do It?

Smartx Technology’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) provides your company with the ability to monitor all of your equipment’s – and employees’ – locations in real-time. We have both software and hardware capabilities and deliver turnkey solutions. 

A key component of the SmartX HUB platform is it’s capability of seamless integration with customer ERP and business systems unlocking additional value to the customer.


Do you want to know where your people and assets are?

Asset Performance Management gives you data-driven insights to help optimize utilization, increase availability and reduce operating costs of your equipment.

SmartX HUB® EAM Platform is a complete asset management solution with a robust fixed asset tracking software allowing you to keep your inventory up-to-date, generate custom asset reports, remain tax compliant, and more. It is also fully integrated with barcode & RFID mobile functionality so you can track your assets from anywhere, at anytime.


SmartX HUB Real-time Platform is a suite of software and service solutions designed to help optimize the performance of your assets and provides a real-time location, status and condition of assets throughout your enterprise. It gives a data-driven solution to manage, monitor and understand asset allocation.


Personnel Locating provides the added benefit of tracking workers time and attendance. When personnel is mustered at specific gathering points, locating technology can monitor and record each worker’s presence, significantly reducing roll calls to a matter of minutes. The information collected can then be analyzed for a truly engaging action. SmartX HUB verifies who is safely accounted for at evacuation sites and mustering points, both on-site or at remote locations.


SmartX HuB introduces real-time wireless sensors (temperature, humidity,etc) mapping tools. Our automated data processing makes mapping very efficient and easy, whilst eliminating human-errors.
Smartx HUB’s cloud real-time tools enable you to generate mapping reports that demonstrate the temperature profile throughout the zones, like storage area, and help you to define zones which should not be used for storage of temperature-sensitive products.

A Trusted Partner

We understand how to guarantee quality in what we do to our clients.

The Smartx HUB system is vital for our services and customers. The professionals of Smartx Technology guarantee an aggressive SLA and are agile in our demands for customization of the Platform. In addition, we always discuss innovative demands involving hardware and software to serve our customers with Smart Technology.

AloK Sheth

Founder, Tag8

A Few of the Brands That Trust Smartx Solutions

Popular Use Cases for Smartx HUB

RFID – EPC Encoding
Supply Chain Intelligence
Inventory Control
Item-Level Source Tagging
Asset Maintenance Management
Inventory & Materials Management
Work in Process (WIP) Tracking

Drug Packing, Verification & Tracking
Asset Tracking
Real Time Alerts
Inbound & Outbound Verification
Automated Chain of Custody
Proof of Quality Control
Process Traceability
Zone and Item Tracking


From Sensors to Software, Our Solutions Deliver Results in Real-Time.

Platform Components

Three Unique Components. One Powerful Solution.
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Smartx supports sophisticated, flexible platform delivering user-defined policies, geo-fences and data-driven decisions using path history, heat maps, and predictive analysis.

Connectivity: IIoT Data capture

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Smartx connectivity devices include IoT Readers, RFID readers, and gateways that wirelessly identify, locate, authenticate, and engage endpoints.

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An endpoint comprises an Smartx tag with chip attached to an individual item, providing a unique identifier that communicates with RAIN RFID connectivity devices.









IoT-RFID Solutions ready for use

Reduce your project time, costs and risks with our configured platform:

Fixed Asset Inventory & Reconciliation

Smartx HUB offers the most robust asset tracking software on the market, now with mobile functionality fully integrated with several RFID collectors. Savings of up to 90% in the costs of the Physical Inventory.


RTItrack - Intelligent Returnable Transit Item

Asset control based on Radio Frequency (RFID) technology is the most practical and effective way to solve the challenges that arise from the management of Returnable Assets.
Each asset is uniquely identified with an RFID Tag, which allows knowing its last location, obtaining statistical information about its use, detecting delays in its return and generating missing alerts.


Inventory & Materials Management

Whether you’re tracking cases, pallets or individual items, Smartx HUB  inventory tracking software will allow you to spend less time on asset management while simultaneously increasing accuracy and inventory levels.

Gain real-time visibility to the information passed through fixed RFID readers and mobile computing devices to monitor stock levels, product location, shipping, receiving and pick/pack order verification.


People Workflow Management And Safety

Smartx HUB allows monitoring the presence or absence of people, using sensor tags and data capture via RFID portals or IoT Gateways installed at strategic points of worker flow.
The objective of the solution is to systematically meet the security rules of temporary organization.


Temperature And Control Of The Environment

The Smartx HUB suite can issue alerts by email 24/7 when a problem occurs in the management of temperature and humidity.
You can set alarms to know about changes in temperature and humidity of the products and receive that information by email.
Thus, you avoid the loss of stocks that suffered with the alteration of the temperature at a critical point. Every reading from every device is automatically stored and date stamped, with a range of ready-made reports.


Linen & Uniform Tracking

Smartx HUB allows you to monitor hospital clothing and uniforms with RFID. Significantly reduces costs associated with clothing processing, loss of items and inventory management.
They are applied in a safe and discreet way to the textiles, which allows to track by means of RFID bed linen, towels and bed linen commercially washed in large quantities.

Proven Industrial RTLS and RFID

The suite connects disparate data sources and uses advanced analytics to turn data into actionable insights while fostering collaboration and knowledge-management across the organization. 

Smartx Hub platform works across all equipment, all assets, and all industries, across the multiple sites, and across the fleet.

Knowing an assets’s exact location means it is easier to deliver information which is relevant to them at that precise moment and context. How ever, micro-location user targeting can go far bey on d simple proximity zonal tracking.

Smartx HUB also automatically alerts security of asset or badge holders entry into restricted ‘geo-fenced’ zones.

 Centrally locate & control assets within & across sites, while speeding entry & protecting designated areas.


The real-time location systems of the Smartx-Hub (RTLS) allow users to track and locate assets in real time using passive RFID, GPS and other sensors on the ground or through Drones. All the information collected is presented in an easy-to-use cloud-based system.

Smartx Hub has been designed to support tens of thousands of assets through a modular and scalable architecture with high availability.

The platform can centrally administer distributed sites and offers integration with enterprise databases (ERP).


BI analytics tools, such as PowerBI and Tableau, can connect to the Smartx HUB, forming a true ally to make decisions.
In addition, the Smarx Hub provides the custom reports module. The reports can be Excel, PDF or CSV format, depending on your needs.

Web Reporting allows access to online stock information through a browser on any smartphone or computer.

This Web-based inventory report feature only requires access to a PC or smartphone with a Web browser and an Internet connection.


The Smartx HUB platform allows the programming of maintenance events of equipment or parts and perform / record these maintenance events at the appropriate time.

The ability to schedule recurring maintenance and run / record these events with reports provides a complete audit trail.

With the issuance of reports, you will be able to see when the maintenance of the equipment was executed, how much it cost, who executed, and all the annotations added.


Monitor the temperature and humidity of your products in a 100% automatic way. Install wireless sensors in the locations that need supervision and configure the identification name.

Define alarm rules with ideal measurements and critical temperature and humidity points for each sensor.

You can’t be there to monitor every refrigerator or freezer, especially over nights and weekends. Smartx HUB does the task for you.


The SmartxHUB solution gives you total visibility to where and how each asset is being used, enabling you to optimize asset workflow and achieve real-time PAR level visibility. 

It also gives more efficient asset management for high-demand and highly mobile assets. It’s the most efficient possible use of your resources while ensuring the best customer experience.

Improve workforce productivity by prioritizing maintenance based on criticality and cost (condition-based), rather than schedule-based maintenance practices.

Questions? Talk to our Consultant.


Learn more about the quality of our solutions

Software Suite for IoT Tracking

Smartx HUB’s software utilizes data sourced from a wide variety of devices and sensors simultaneously to actively manage the state, location, ownership, and flow of assets and inventory to drive business processes and efficiencies. Our Solution provides a higher level of operational insight over inventory quantity and location, par levels, and equipment process cycle status with powerful, visually-driven analytics. Smartx HUB Asset Visibility gives staff a data-driven platform to manage, monitor and understand asset allocation. That includes par levels, asset utilization, shrinkage, and inventory status. This gives management the opportunity to make strategic decisions to increase ROI by reducing loss and shrinkage.

Why Asset Management Solution in the Cloud?
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RFID Asset Tracking in Real-Time Using ULTRA Portal Scanner
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Why Us?

Smartx Technology focuses on every aspect of RFID technology to ensure your satisfaction and success. We are a passionate solution provider with extensive technical and business knowledge.

Software Suite for IoT Tracking

Smartx HUB platform is an enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software and hardware platform provider leveraging multiple auto-ID technologies for the comprehensive management of physical assets.

Superior ROI in six critical areas

Our solutions enable customers to achieve organizational excellence :
-Unique item-level tracking
-RFID Real-Time Tracking
-Asset Management
-Staff workflow
-Sensor Monitoring
-Business Analytics

Enabling Integrated Solutions

Our platform wirelessly connects everyday items and delivers each item’s unique identity, location, and authenticity – which we refer to as Item Intelligence – to applications like inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication.