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Smartx Technology Inc. is a system integrator specializing in developing solutions for enterprise real-time traceability and asset management. The team of Smartx has in-depth knowledge about the RAIN RFID technology, Identification Tags and Asset Track and Trace solutions using Barcode, NFC, passive, active, and semi-active RFID, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE beacons) Tags, and smart technologies among others.
Smartx is the industry leader developing and manufacturing high-performance RFID tags that are tailored to the exact requirements of customers.
RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the internet, enabling businesses and consumers to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage each Asset.
RAIN RFID Tags and Intelligent Label

Smartx offers a complete range of RFID Tags that meet the demands of every business environment.
We also design and manufacture of RAIN RFID tags that effectively solve problems associated with each unique RFID application.
Our technology offers durable, high-temperature smart tags that can be easily be attached to or embedded in metallic and non-metallic assets.

RAIN RFID Readers and Handhelds

We offer an extensive range of RFID Readers and Handhelds These are typically used to locate items in distribution centers or to read tags that do not go through RFID portals.
Stationary RFID readers can be affixed to walls, doorways or other types of portals, and tables/desktops. As tagged items pass through the portal (or by the table or desk), the reader picks up the tags’ data, which are then stored in a database.

RAIN RFID Software Applications

Smartx solutions are customized integrations of RFID software and hardware that provide intelligent solutions for businesses across all industries.
The Smartx Solution for inventory and logistics in the supply chain is a driven platform that enables cost effective implementation of RFID applications in only a fraction of the time required with today’s custom RFID for inventory and logistics.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking by Air

Apply drone technology to significantly improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of inventory checks and asset inspections.
The UAV Smartx Hub system provides an effective, flying robotic solution to scanning assets, products, and pallets in warehouses and logistic outdoor large areas. Inspecting the condition of assets in a yard or verifying the contents of box and pallets can be easily achieved.

The Smartx range of products and solutions comprises Smart Tags, Device connection technology, system integration services and software solutions. Smartx products connect people, item, machines, and facilities to the internet of things (IoT).

These offerings enable solutions for the following markets: industrial automation technology, energy, transport, medical business, and infrastructure.

Automated Asset Tracking and Management

The Most Advanced Software Platform for Unified Asset Visibility
Reduces Capital and Operational Costs.

​Identify and locate expensive equipment whenever it is in your facility, with instant visibility of the whereabouts of each and every piece of tagged assets or equipment provided by a barcoded label, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating systems (RTLS).

Smartx Hub® Asset Management solution tracks equipment in, out, and through a production, maintenance or repair process. Increase operational efficiency, decrease unnecessary labor.

Real-time information about the location of assets, parts, equipment, pallets, totes and packages or inventory as they move

  • Improves asset utilization and purchase management
  • Reduces theft and loss through real-time asset tracking and alerting
  • Automates the management of asset maintenance, warranties, repairs, upgrades and dispatch
  • Engage can involve sensors, or other means of interacting with the item

Our software Platform ​Smartx Hub® , a 100% cloud-based, is a cost-effective way to continuously monitor and proactively manage the location, status, and condition of all assets across the enterprise in real-time.

Smartx Asset intelligence technology is the missing link. It’s the critical enabler that bridges the gap between the data residing in your corporate information systems – EAMs, ERPs, CMMS – and your real-world assets in-the-field.

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Asset Inventory and Management

Fixed asset tracking software with fully integrated mobile functionality. Full Integration with Web App


  • Dynamic, Location or blind Physical Inventory
  • Check-Out/Check-In to Location or Person or Both
  • Maintenance Scheduling and Overdue Item
  • Asset Depreciation Tracking -monitor and report on the cost and value of your assets over their useful life
  • Asset Photos, Documents, Videos, Voice Notes
  • Easy import of your Assets, Locations, Areas and/or categories
  • Purchase/Lease, Service Contract Information/Expiration Date
  • Keep asset inventory entirely separate from other users.
  • Calendar / Gantt Feature
  • Create search query with multiple asset types, multiple locations and statuses

Real-Time Location and Asset Visibility

Real-time location, status and condition of assets throughout your enterprise. View maps with assets in motion & trails


  • Location aware tracking of sensitive and valuable equipment and products
  • Numerous user configurable events (enter/exit, overflow/shortage, dwell time, etc.) trigger multiple alerts and notifications (email,web message, Web Services, etc.) for automating business processes
  • Automatically and immediately send notifications regarding asset context-based events that require attention
  • Query, export, automate and print built-in and custom reports, detailing asset inventory and utilization
  • Easily store and report intelligence about assets and physical locations, including categorization, icons, images and named zones
  • Includes details on all the alerts that were triggered due to temperature/humidity being out of allowable range


RFID middleware serves in managing the flow of data between tag readers and enterprise applications


  • Middleware is able to control the networking and settings of RFID readers
  • When tags are read by an RFID system, the data collected can be sent directly to the middleware in order to process it and then send it where it needs to go
  • Filtering out excess data can be extremely helpful for users because massive amounts of tag data can slow down networks and fill up databases quickly. In some applications
  • XpeedID LLRP protocol provides very fine control over the operation of a single reader. It composed of almost 100 standard commands and provides an interface to low level functionality that is uniform across different reader vendors
  • It is designed to help middleware filter and sort through raw data in order to provide users with relevant information based on “events” that occur


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